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Donousa is the northernmost island of the Lesser Eastern Cyclades group and lies east of Naxos and north of Amorgos. Its area is 13 square kilometers. The terrain is rocky, while the shore forms numerous coves with small, sand beaches. Donousa has a population of 160; its inhabitants make their living from fishing, livestock keeping, and, recently, tourism. There are five settlements on the island: Stavros, called Kampos locally, us the largest and also the island's port. Set around a sheltered harbor on Donoussa's southwestern end, it's a charming settlement featuring the traditional architecture of the Cyclades. Timios Stavros is located on the island's eastern side and takes its name from the church, which is also its main landmark. The other settlements - Mersini, Haravgi, and Kalotaritissa - are picturesque and perfect destinations for leisurely strolling tours.

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